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Take your Commercial Diving career to the next level with our Underwater Welding Course

We also offer Underwater Welding Services to various industries





Our Welding Course

We offer a Worldwide Industry Leading Welding Course.

Welding Services

We offer welding services to various industries including Marine, Farming, Engineering and Natural Resource Industries.

Our Location

We are conveniently located in Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept students outside South Africa?

Yes we do, we have trained people from all over the world.

How many students in the class

We limit the students to 6 in a class in order to make sure individual attention are given to students

How long is the course

Our course last 3 weeks and we run the course every third month.

Do you offer accommodation?
Yes we do, at an additional cost. Inquire about the options.
Do I get a Lloyds certification?

Currently there is a demand for Lloyds certification on underwater welding certificates. Lloyds Register (LR) do not recognise training organisations or any other third parties, as there main focus is on research and education in science and egineering. They will witness a specific weld, and give approval on ABJ Welding certification. This is sufficient for any company to employ you as an underwater welder. This will occur on test day and if the student passes, then he’ll get a Lloyds stamp on the certificate. Remember there is not a ‘Lloyds’ ticket. A welder is approved against a standard; i.e: ISO, BSEN, BS,  AWS, ASME. Our internationally recognised wet welder training course last for 21, days and are intended to train professional divers up to the standard required to pass a Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) to AWS D3.6M-10:2017 Class B and to ISO 15618-1:2002  Underwater Welding Code. The WPQ is witnessed by Lloyds Register (LR) who also issue the certification.  LR are a major classification society and certification issued by them is generally accepted by other classification societies throughout the world.

What standards are used?

We make use of AWS D3.6M-10:2017 Class B and/or ISO 15618-1:2002 underwater welding codes to pass a welder performance qualification (WPQ).

Do you provide re-certification from other schools?

Yes! We offer re-certification from any underwater welding school to the ABJ Welding certification. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Course Dates 2020

06 April – 24April 2020
29 June – 17 July 2020
21 September – 09 October 2020


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